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Maintaining an effective ecommerce website

Maintaining an effective ecommerce website

In this article we look at five important considerations in maintaining the continuous effectiveness of your ecommerce website.

Choose a high performance hosting provider

The most important consideration for your website is to using a high performance hosting package. Such packages are designed for high volumes of website traffic, sales activity, large product inventories and processing payments online.

Providers include:

  • Managed WordPress Packages with Woocommce from FastHosts, Siteground, and Godaddy
  • A dedicated Ecommerce Package such as EKM PowerStore

2) The Speed of Your Website

Another vitally important consideration is the speed of your website. For your website to be effective you must have a fast loading website.

The speed of your website will have an impact on how your website ranks in search engines, and affect your customer's experience in using your website.

Poorly optimized images, inefficient sever hardware, poor coding in plugins are just a few things that can slow your website down

To help monitor the speed of your website and identify problems, you can use any of the following tools:

  • Website performance statistics are provided by your hosting provider as part of your hosting package and run in the background.
  • GTMetrix, provides an in-depth analysis of your page speed scores, fully-loaded times, page size and even total request generated on the page along with resolutions.
  • Pingdom, this serves the same purpose as GTMetrix but using multiple versions of a similar tool increases the accuracy of your results.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights, provides information on how your page loads along with additional audits and how to resolve issues if they are present.
  • Query Monitor, a WordPress plugin that gives insights into what your website is doing behind the scenes, how much memory it’s using, how many database queries it’s making, how many outside requests it makes and much more.

3) Monitor the customer journey

Customer's experiences will be affected greatly if the website takes more than a few seconds to load on any device a customer may have. Customers shop online and want to make their purchase quick, quick, quick! They will go elsewhere all too quickly if they are made to feel impatient, have to wait too long or the functions of the website are poor. It is essential that website owners understand the journey of their customers through their website from start to finish. Doing this will help owners to understand and correct any points during the buying process in which you customers leave the website by clicking away.

4) Make use of customer feedback

Customer feedback is invaluable and will help you find out where you should make adjustments and improvements to your website that improves the customer journey and their overall experience of using your website.
Benefits of feedback

  1. Your customers feel you care about your customers and that you activity seek to bring them into your business. They feel listened to and are heard. This creates a positive feeling which is directed back to you as their supplier. Keep the website up to date
  2. Existing customers may be more likely to be loyal customers when they feel that a business truly cares about them and what they think. Changes in a business that is a result of feedback, shows that customers they are truly listened to and their opinions respected.
  3. Satisfied customers provide affirmative quotes, narratives and stories that can be used to promote your business. You can use any feedback as promotional material on your website home page, product pages and as suggestions next to your feedback form.
  4. A business that is willing to receive feedback and listen to it, the word spreads and more customers may be willing to give you a shot based on your commitment to excellent service.
  5. Customers feel open to provide honest and upfront feedback. This insight is often inaccessible in any other manner.
  6. Your customers are reminded of your business and the diligence and all the hard work to meet their needs.

5) Keep the website up to date

Keeping the website up to date is vital to ensure content is current, the customer's journey is as smooth as possible. Any points raised through customer feedback can help too.

Things to consider

1) Be sure to remove old products you do not sell anymore.
2) Ensure product images are optimised by following file size and dimension guidelines provided by your hosting provider or WordPress theme.
3) Periodically check the links in the website. Links to old pages and products may be found. Also check links to and from listed products and related products and links embedded in any pictures to products and pages.
4) Ensure all contact information is correct


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